Monday, April 27, 2009


Wow, we had a glorious morning today! Walked out of the house to take Peter to the bus stop and it must have been 60 already. Went for my walk around the park with my walking partner. We only went around twice today but we stopped lots of times to pull garlic mustard so I figure that counts as sit ups. My walking partner knows all kinds of plants and wild life so it's always an adventure to go walking with her. Today I saw trout lily for the first time! Now it's raining again, I actually think I can hear the grass growing! Still warm and springy though with the windows open so, I don't mind the rain.

Heard the peepers last night for the first time this year! I love that sound so much. Some nights I just want to drive around with the windows open listening for the loud spots.

So the Facebook experiment has been interesting, I've been able to reconnect with people from my past as far back as 1st grade! But it certainly has it's limitations. For one thing, it lacks depth, it's like trying to satisfy your NPR jones with USA Today. Also, I've noticed that people will say things to you on FB that they would never say to you in person. Of course that's true with blog comments too. (Not mine of course, all my (two) commenters are very polite!) Surprisingly, Eli was the person in this family who I most expected to jump in with both feet, but he actually kind of shuns it. Not sure I get that, but I guess that's his job, to confound and confuse me! ;-)

Recently I had an exchange with an individual whom I considered a kindred spirit since we share certain interests. Turns out he's an asshole! Surprise! Today I got tired of him trying to pick fights with me about religion and politics (seriously, what the hell is he thinking?) and let him have it, but that type never learns anything, they are already convinced that they know everthing, what can you possibly teach them? I would go ahead and defriend him already, but I used to babysit for this kid and of course I always want to give people more chances. So we'll see, if he knocks it off like I asked him too, that will be good, if he flames me, I'm done. Either way, I'll get some closure. As I told him, I don't have the time or the inclination to argue with people who think their shit doesn't stink. Seriously.

I'm kind of hoping to start writing more, I don't know, it's hard when my Mom is here because I have no privacy. She's constantly hovering over me asking what I'm doing and whether I'm working or playing and can I look this up for her and what's for dinner and the bathroom really needs to be cleaned! I'm sugar coating that last one, she's using much stronger language there. Then there's the perennial favorite "how can you stand living with these people, they leave their crap all over the house!" I especially love that one since she is actually the worst culprit! She left on Saturday morning but I was busy most of the weekend so I've barely scratched the surface on the crap SHE left all over the house. Lol! Apparently she thinks I'm her mother, but honestly? My kids are much better behaved; she's kind of a spoiled brat. Sigh.

It always takes awhile for us to readjust to having our house back and not being micromanaged at all times. I'm sure this is just part of the readustment. It's been so long since I was able to follow my own stream of thought without being interrupted, I sometimes think I've forgotten how. Turns out it's just like riding a bicycle, it all comes back to you!

Our choir had a lovely concert on Sunday. Simply Schubert was the title, the first half was a collection of Schubert's leder (German sp?), which sounded alot like ballads to me, parlor songs of the era, so I'm told. The second half was the whole choir, the organ and an 8 piece string ensemble performing Schubert's Mass in G. We gave up our Saturday afternoons since February rehearsing for it and it was good to finally perform it. My garden beckons so I'm really looking forward to having my Saturdays back!

Speaking of gardening, I think I finally have my backyard vegan neighbor engaged with the idea of a shared vegetable garden! Yea! I really want to make that happen this year. Were getting a rain barrel and we have all this beautiful Southern exposure, it's a shame not to use it! Hopefully I'll be able to connect with my friend who owns horses for some free manure.

Most of the things we planted last year are greening up. I've learned a few important lessons already, such as the need to trim my perennials at the end of the season. My varigated thyme is coming back, but it's coming back around the edges, the center is all dead looking. My purple echinacea is sending up new greenery already, but the white swan isn't showing any activity yet. I'm most disappointed in my crocuses, their blooms have been dwindling however so I probably just need to reseat them in the fall. I've been really envious of all the bulbs coming up. I had sooo intended to get bulbs in last fall so I'd have flowers in front but, it just didn't work out. Ran out of time and money I guess.

I guess I'm technically out of time right now, my butt is hurting from sitting too long today! My poor body, it tries to send me signals! It really does! If only I'd learn to pay attention to them! Time to get back on the bicycle I guess.

That's all for now, folks, rubber side down!


Blogger Alwen said...

There's a way you can ignore/block people, but I don't spend enough time on FB to know how to do it.

Tell your walking partner "Hi, Mom!" from me!

4/28/2009 2:27 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Will do!

4/28/2009 5:30 PM  

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