Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The scent of crab apple blossoms on the breeze can send me into a reverie that can only be satiated by a full embrace of the tree, head sunk deep within it's delicate branches, followed by several deep inhalations in a vain effort to capture their fleeting essence and commit it to memory.

This olfactory memory is so deeply ingrained that one whif can send me reeling back to middle school, to the first time I really remember noticing how incredibly intoxicating they are.

I was walking home from the bus stop in a foul mood when the smell hit me and suddenly it was a gorgeous spring day. It was my first experience with aromatherapy. Two weeks later, I discovered lilacs.

Non Michiganders might be interested to note that the crab apple blossom is the official State Flower of Michigan.

Grandma fans should draw their attention to the new Toyota Highlander just to the left of the crab apple tree. Normally I would have cropped that out, but I'm so proud of her for buying a hybrid! I just had to leave it in.


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