Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Vacation 2006, Part Two
The Quest for Poutine

In the last (only) installment of our obligatory summer vacation essay, we found our sunburnt and mosquito bitten travelers on the verge of uproar and dangerously close to mutiny.

Ebo: But, but, that’s tomorrow already! If were leaving tomorrow, are we going out to eat tonight?

Beth: Out to eat, what are you talking about? TG has plenty of food here…

Ebo: But we must have POUTINE!

Beth: Oh, right, the Pooh Teeeen… (makes gagging motion.)

Yo pipes in: Yeah! That’s the only reason I agreed to come on this vacation was because you promised Poutine!

(Oh please, you know damn well it’s because I promised him he could get more Glenfidditch at the Duty Free store!)

But it was settled, pile we did into the Highlander Hybrid, all 5 of us and set off for the illustrious Pine Valley, home of the Pine Valley Poutine Appreciation Society and the best waiter EVER! Mr. Matt!
Why, you may ask, is Mr. Matt the best waiter ever? I'll tell you, we have not been here since December and yet when Yo ordered Liver and Onions with a side of Poutine (Ugh! There goes that gag reflex again.) Matt looked at him and said, "I think you ordered that last time you were here!" Which, in fact, he had. But only the best waiter in the world would remember that over 6 months later.
Pine Valley Poutine with elbow and red cream soda.Poutine Purists will note the distinct lack of curds. Indeed, this is not the connoisseur’s poutine, no, but at least they had the decency to use white cheddar instead of something truly horrifying like Velveeta. I guess it’s the gravy that throws me off the most. I’ve never really been a gravy girl.

Bliss on a plate. Or so I’ve been told.

The picture I left you with in the Gone Fishing post was taken right after TG had her cabin remodeled. This parting shot is from last week. I like what she’s done with the place!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo is probably the only person in the last YEAR who has ordered liver & onions with a side of poutine.

7/29/2006 3:32 PM  

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