Friday, July 14, 2006

The first week after vacation is always the longest.

You know what I mean? Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to put in a couple of hours Sunday night, that made Monday morning significantly more bearable! I was really busy the first part of the week, which probably helped me get back into the swing of things. Took me till yesterday to extricate my cranium from my gluteous maximus though, but I finally managed to get enough done so that I could knock off early today. Woohoo! The first weekend after vacation is always the sweetest!

Of course it's summer, so unscheduled weekends are few and far between. This weekend my good buddy Alwen's brother is getting married so were looking forward to meeting his English bride tomorrow. Their Mom (who will be working circles around us when she's 90!) is no doubt running around like crazy trying to get everything done so I'm going to head over there tonight and tomorrow morning to see what I can do to alleviate some of the pressure! (Alwen, your mom needs a nickname and right now Taz comes to mind so I'm going with it for this post.) Taz was kind enough to make both my cake and my dress for my wedding. The cake was delicious, the dress, well, it needed more cleavage to be delicious but that's not the point. The point is Taz went out of her way to try and make my wedding day special. She has always been like another mother to me and I'll never be able to pay her back for that. All I can hope to do is occasionally be on hand when she might need me. This I intend to do.

I'm sorry vacation is over but we did have a wonderful time, I took lots of pictures, we had a safe drive, no real problems at customs, so that was nice.

Then? People were seen! Water was involved! Hijinx ensued!

Not really. Not much in the way of hijinx anyway.

I impulsively attribute that to the fact that a certain She was missing from the festivities but, what's to be done? Drama happens sometimes and one just has to cope even when one's friends are desperately trying to get in touch and offer their shoulders, cars and bail money. Sometimes one must go it alone. But the less said about that the better, on to the photo essay!

Okay, here's the deal, I was going to give you a photo essay, but blogger wants to be weird about letting me upload pictures, maybe because I'm too chatty? I don't know. But it's irritating to be sure. Guess I'll try that again later. All I could upload was this one and it was supposed to be a bonus. Here she is, just for you, She. You were missed, hope I hear from you soon!

Miss Boo, cursing the inventor of screens.


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