Monday, December 01, 2008

A Prayer for Thanksgiving

I had already been cooking and freezing things ahead of time for a couple of weeks. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I've been at it for a few years now so I'm starting to really get it down to a science. Two nights before I had just made two delectable looking pumpkin pies and some sweet potatos when I was talking a wee break and humming softly to myself. I couldn't get that tune out of my mind and I couldn't remember the lyrics either, so I got a sudden urge to write some new lyrics and this is what happened, I hope you like it!

A Prayer for Thanksgiving
(Sung to the tune of O' Holy Night)

O' Holy One
Were gathered round the table
To give our thanks for these gifts we've received.

2008 has been a banner year!
In so many ways we have you to thank and praise!

We are thankful for this tasty food.
and this chance to join hands together.

We are grateful for friends,
for family, dogs and jobs!

O-ba-a-a-ma will be our president, oh yes!
For so many things we thank you now
please hear our prayer
for peace on earth!

A-a-a-a-men! (Church ending, as many amens as you like with as much harmony as can be mustered!)

Did I mention that we had an all democrat Thanksgiving? Yeah. Just one more thing to be thankful for! :-)
Marriage is love.