Monday, April 24, 2006

Start somewhere...

I've never been able to maintain a journal and I don't know if this will be any different, but if I don't try, it definitely won't happen! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Does that count as an entry? I think so. If I ever get any regular readers, they can complain when they get here.

To all my "friends" in the bloggity world, thank you for your inspiration! I'll try to be more entertaining in the future.

Oh, I know! How about a cast of characters? Yes? Okay! Here are a few of the regulars:

ME! I'll just be brave and call myself Beth because nobody will be reading this anyway. But the (mostly) innocent must be protected from the nefarious and nebulous internets!

Yo - The long suffering husband.

Ebo - Our brilliant and delightful teenaged son, aged 14.

PJ - A mischievous sprite, snuggle puppy and Klingon warrior, aged 6.

Those people? Listed above? They like to spoonerize things. It's not pretty. It's prot netty either!

Grandma - my Mom, a supporting character, she'll love the double meaning there! She comes and goes in between her wild adventures.

Her Tailness - AKA Miss Lu, our wonderful black lab, she's 10ish. She's an excellent drummer.

The Dustmop - AKA Hairy, a lab/border collie mix, often travels with the G'mom but currently residing with us. Like most Gemini natives, he has two completely different personalities! Try not to piss him off; you could lose an arm that way.

Miss Boo - our kitty, age 12. Can cats be described as anything other then enigmatic? I think there might be some kind of rule...

The Weather - Welcome to Michigan! We have weather! It has character! What? Do I have to tell that tired old joke again? Okay, here goes: "If you don't like Michigan weather, wait a minute."

There, that'll do.
Marriage is love.