Monday, February 05, 2007

Snow Day

PJ: Hey!? How can we have yellow snow? We don't have any huskies!?

Ebo: Huskies are dogs, PJ. You don't need huskies to have yellow snow, you just need dogs.


Anonymous Barbara said...

This is synchronous . . . well, in a yellow snow kind of way. Last night I made rice pilaf and decided to try putting turmeric in it. Of course that turned it almost as yellow as saffron rice, and as soon as my spouse saw it he said, "Why is it yellow?" I gave him a sort of cryptic reply, hoping he'd just try it, and he came back with, "You know they tell you not to eat the yellow snow."

(He ate it, and had seconds.)

2/05/2007 3:16 PM  
Anonymous christina shaver said...

Now THAT is funny!!

2/06/2007 9:12 PM  

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